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North Burnaby where I grew up is changing, and 2015 is going to be a hige year for change. A lot of people ask me what's going on with that store that closed down that we used to go to as kids, or what are they going to build where, so I thought I would make it easy! Here is a breakdown of whats happening in 2015, and how far along they are in the works. You may be surprised of what long time stores are clolsing down to make way for condos. 


1. 4221 Hastings (Heights Barber shop, Express eyeware, laundry and dry cleaning)

Developer- Censorio Developments

Stage- Rezoning

2. 4295 Hastings Street (Arco Gas station)

Citimark Developments 

Stage- First Reading

3. 4354 Hastings Street (The Legion Hall)

Epta Properties

Stage- Second Reading 

4. 3951 Hastings Street (Scoffs Hockey Shop, Bella Idea)

Chris Dikeakos Architect

Stage- Third Reading

5. 4555 Hastings Street (Dolphin Movie Theatre)

Bosa Developments

Stage- Under Construction


Next year we lose a lot of landmarks in North Burnaby....

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