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Above is a video of an obviously irate David Suzuki, who many believe to be the earths saviour but not me. I am all for saving the earth and am cognizant on the effects of fossil fuel energy David Suzuki a hypocrite? Mr Suzuki is upset at the RCMP for arresting his grandson for 'crossing the line' on his Burnaby Mountain protest.....didn't he just answer his own concern? His Grandson illegally crossed a boundary of safe/peaceful picketing. What else do we know about Mr Suzuki from the Toronto Sun/


His view on population

In David's autobiography he says "…there are too many of us; we consume too much; we pollute too much…" and goes on to critisize India for a child born every 1.2 seconds.

David Suzuki has 5 children

We burn too many fossil fuels

I typically take 1 plane ride a year to somewhere warm (to keep the girlfriend from chopping my head off) as a lot of other north americans so I do contribute to our carbon footprint as much as the next guy.....unless the next guy is David Suzuki who makes a LIVING taking planes trains and automobiles to educate us on how not to take trains planes and automobiles, makes sense right?

David Suzuki gets paid $30,000 per speech he gives plus expenses

Oil Companies are evil

What we know is that oil is essential, the computer I am typing this on, the car you drive, the coffee cup in your hand, all require oil. We cannon sustain a life without fossil fuel, not at this point, it is literally impossible. So if we need to rely on oil, why not transport it in a manner that is more effecient and creates more jobs, where Kinder (Devil) Morganis getting taxed heavily by Burnaby for this. The other methods would be via Train which is a heavy pollutant or tankers which also has a human error risk associated with it. Here is also a real fun fact. 

David Suzuki is Co-Owner of a property in Nelson Island with (drum roll please) Kootenay Oil Distributers

I guess oil companies are only sometimes bad? Mostly when you dont share a land title with them probably


Use only what we need

I am a fan of using only what I need, probably because that is all I can afford. David Suzuki is a big supporter of not being glutonous at the expense of the environment. That is great advice for us!! Unfortunately David Suzuki doesn't really believe this.

David Suzuki owns 3 properties in BC alone, valued at over $10 Million dollars.

That's a lot of heaters, lights, furnaces etc etc etc going. # is better than 1 I guess? 


This is my personal opinion on David Suzuki's rant at the police doing their job. I know I may get a lot of comments supporting him, and your feedback is always welcome and I am looking forward to hearing your constructive thoughts!




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